Michael Hill

I am told that I always loved music; as a toddler I would sing with the records my mother played, or whatever was on the radio. When I was about five years old my parents bought me a toy piano for Christmas. It wasn't long before I was plunking out the songs I was hearing on holiday specials. My parents were convinced by the likes of "Silent Night" played with an index finger that I had an ear for music, and that music lessons would be a worthwhile investment. 

By middle school my private piano lessons were supplemented by saxophone, an instrument I would play in various ensembles through high school. My senior year I was drum major of the marching band, playing saxophone in a winds ensemble, piano in the jazz band, guitar at church, and earning money for music expenses by playing in a jazz duet outside grocery stores. My high school senior project: I conducted a full orchestra with a piece I had written.

I continue to cultivate my love of music by serving in worship services at church, playing gigs, writing music, and collaborating with my friends in jam sessions and rehearsals. Creating music and sharing it with others will always be one of the great joys of my life.

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